Performance Testing

Lactate Profiling

Lactate profiling is the gold standard test to structure training zones. It identifies aerobic and anaerobic training zones to make training accurate and extremely effective.

See my blog article on thresholds and testing here.


Whats involved

The test involves completing an incremental stage test performed either running or cycling. Each stage lasts between three and four minutes depending on protocol. At the end of each stage a small pinprick blood sample is taken from either finger tip or earlobe and analysed using a portable analyser. The results are then graphed and training zones can be plotted to give your lactate profile. The work portion of the test will last approx 25mins.

For those who have concerns we can offer a sub-maximal version of the test which will go to the anaerobic threshold point and not to exhaustion. This can be just as effective for those in early base phases.

Each test session lasts approx 60mins from start to finish inc. warmup and cool down.


What you get from it

After the test your results will be plotted and your individualised training zones will be put together for you. The results will be explained to you and training recommendations will be made to reflect the outcome of your test and. In addition to lactate profiling you will receive a basic anthropometric test. This allows you to compare changes in performance relative to any fluctuations in body composition. These results will be calculated using best practices in the field of exercise physiology. They will not be auto calculated through any system as this can miss vital information which can be integral to your success.

€90 per test session

Strength Testing

Strength testing is a fantastic way to identify where your weak links may be. By creating a strength profile you can identify ares which can be opportunities for improvement. In addition, it can identify where potential injury risks may exist. Tracking changes in strength is also an excellent way to learn about how you respond to certain types of training and what is proving beneficial for you.


Whats involved.

Strength testing is bespoke to each individual. A test protocol will be built around what information is relevant to your sport and goals. In most cases this will involve a selection of gym based exercises performed incrementally until failure.

What you get.

You will receive a relative strength table indicating your training intensities. In addition you will recieve recommendations of exercises appropriate to your weaknesses and areas which you should look to address to maximise potential.

€60 per test session
10% Discount on follow up program