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Full Program Support

What is it

Full programming starts with a performance consultation where we assess your strengths and weakness and align them with your season goals. We will then complete a number of performance tests to establish a baseline for current performance and training zones. The program is structured in blocks of 4 weeks with any alterations being made before the next block commences. Full program support can take you through a long term development plan over years or it can be a short build towards your big race of the season.

What you will get

Both performance consultation and performance testing come as part of the full support package. In addition you will have weekly check ins with a coach to provide full support and response to any immediate issues such as session rescheduling etc. Our full support training plans are tracked and monitored using Training Peaks online software.

€80 per Programme
Standalone training programme
4 week training block
Cheat sheet
1 Support email
PDF format
Perfect for those managing their own training. Standalone S&C block or specific preparation task.
€120 p/m €100 Set up fee
Rolling monthly programme
2 month commitment*
4 week training blocks
Season plan and goal setting
Fully flexible individualised programmes
1 support mail per block
Remote testing and Training Zone mapping.
Single race preparation (Will include some preparation races/events)
Monthly Support calls
Regular Session Feedback
Delivered via Training peaks (May be upgraded to premium account)
Perfect for those looking for a basic coaching support towards a single goal.
NB. Requires heart rate monitor
€160 p/m €100 set up fee
Rolling monthly programme
2 month commitment*
4 week training blocks
Season planning and goal setting
Fully flexible and Individualised training programme
Remote performance testing
Individualised training zones
S&C programme
Race nutrition formulation
Race preparation and strategy sessions
Race analysis
Regular session feedback
Equipment testing
Weekly support calls
Delivered via Trainingpeaks (May be upgraded to premium account)
For those looking for full coaching support across a racing season.
NB. Requires HR and Power Data