Aero Position

Aerodynamic Testing

Aerodynamic testing is an assessment of your aerodynamic drag. Drag can be influenced by any of the following and more:

  • Body Position
  • Helmet
  • Wheels
  • Skinsuit

Even a slight improvement can shave minutes off of you bike leg without any increase in effort.

For example:

A rider going at 36km/hr pedalling a constant 220W on a flat course. We assess this rider to see that he has a CdA value of 0.28 which is a typical Ironman value. By improving their CdA value by 10% to 0.25 the rider can now expect to travel at 38.3km/hr. Over a half Ironman distance of 90km, this is a time saving of nearly 9 minutes. This change in CdA is a relatively small improvement which can be achieved simply with equipment selection.

  • Sessions are weather and course dependant. Testing is normally completed in either Wicklow and Kildare locations.
  • Test sessions will take approximately 2-3hrs depending on what you want to assess.
  • All sessions will receive an in depth report and recommendations. For accurate analysis please allow up to 48hrs for final report. Some indications may be made on site but are subject to changes once further data analysis has been completed.

Sessions are priced at €160 per session. Follow up sessions will receive 10% discount.