Slide HAMILTON SPORT Performance Coaching Services

Hamilton sport delivers gold standard performance services to athletes all levels across many sports. Our process uses both a practical and scientific perspective to deliver a modern, effective approach to training and preparing for whatever the challenge is.

We aim to deliver an effective implementation of sound knowledge, research and practice. The goal is to support athletes to be effective with their training and see genuine progress. No matter what type of goal or concern you have, we want to work with you to find the best answer possible. We believe in the process and we look to develop that for each individual.

Prices and training packages

Prices are subject to changes in 2021. All new signups from Jan 1st will be subject to 2021 pricing structure!

€80 per Programme
Standalone training programme
4 week training block
Cheat sheet
1 Support email
PDF format
Perfect for those managing their own training
€100 p/m €100 Set up fee
Rolling monthly programme
2 month commitment*
4 week training blocks
Season plan and goal setting
Fully flexible individualised programmes
1 support mail per block
Remote testing and Training Zone mapping
Single race preparation
Monthly Support calls
Regular Session Feedback
Delivered via Training peaks (May be upgraded to premium account)
Perfect for those looking for a basic coaching support
NB. Requires heart rate monitor
€160 p/m €100 set up fee
Rolling monthly programme
2 month commitment*
4 week training blocks
Season planning and goal setting
Fully flexible and Individualised training programme
Remote performance testing
Individualised training zones
S&C programme
Race nutrition formulation
Race preparation and strategy sessions
Race analysis
Regular session feedback
Equipment testing
Weekly support calls
Delivered via Trainingpeaks (May be upgraded to premium account)
For those looking for full coaching support.
NB. Requires HR and Power Data

Additional Services

Performance Consultation
One to one 1 hr consultation
Email summary of recommendations
Strategy and Planning session
Specific purpose (Training for heat, altitude etc.)
Performance Testing
Choose from a range of tests
FTP, Lactate, MLSS, Wingate etc.
Receive results report by email
Receive detailed training zones
Equipment testing
Basic field testing
1 to 1 Session
€80 p/hr
Strength and Conditioning
Track session
Core and Mobility session