Performance Consultation

Many seasoned athletes are quite in tune with their training and training plan. In many cases we can benefit advanced athletes with troubleshooting for the marginal gains and helping them tease out the small improvements. We can apply physiological testing and methodology to target specific goals and performance needs. This may require not require full programming so we offer individual to get you on track to your best performances. We often work with technical coaches to offer recommendations, so this option works well if you already have a coach and need specialist input.

Consultations are particularly useful for an athlete who is experience a particular challenge for example, racing in the heat or experiencing a plateau in performance. We make recommendations which can be applied to already formed training plans. Athletes may experience unique and complex challenges we thrive on addressing these.

How does it work

Performance consultations involve either a Skype or face to face meeting lasting up to 2 hours. We will discuss your training background and goals. From there we can suggest optimal race schedules and any training interventions we recommend.

An email will be sent to you within a week of consultation with a summary of recommendations based on the session outcomes.


€80 for a stand alone session