Ultimate Fitness Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas time is one of the most magical times of the year for many. For others, it’s pretty stressful. I am terrible at knowing what to buy as gifts for friends and loved ones. I am also terrible to buy for as I never voice what I think I might like.

In build up to Christmas this year I have put together a list of all the equipment I have settled on using over the last number of years. I am extremely particular with the equipment I choose as your equipment can be critical. Some don’t believe the best equipment is necessary but I have seen cheaper alternatives break or fail apart at critical moments. While you don’t need to break the bank with equipment, you do need to know your kit well and understand it’s limitations.

This list is a list of what I have tested and have gained benefits from. There are only one or two items listed that are on my want list but for very good reasons. I go through each one with a little bit of detail as to why I chose them.

I will leave links to all items. I am a wiggle affiliate so I will receive a small commission on qualified purchases. This comes at no extra expense to you but will contribute to the costs of running the blog etc.

I have personally found wiggle to be excellent in terms of price and delivery. You can purchase most of these locally but as many readers are multinational I’ll leave it to you to choose where to shop local.

The list is in ascending order of price.

Click on the headings and it will take you straight to the item!!!

1. HIGH 5 Zero Hydro Tabs

These are fantastic. They come in loads of flavours (Grapefruit is my fav). These simply add some salts to your water bottle without extra calories. Great for when you are needing to drink a lot and need some flavour without the calories. I’ve used them for years on every ride. Hard to go wrong with them. https://tidd.ly/38UcbJN

2. Soft flask

These are incredible handy. They are pretty easy to carry on a long run and they shrink down as you drink. You can also fill them with gels for longer races and keep just one flask in your pocket instead of a heap of individual gels. Very convenient when you need to carry hydration or fuel on the go. https://tidd.ly/32RmpXA

3. Anti Chafing Balm

For triathletes and open water swimmers this is an absolute must. You will wear down to the bone without this especially if new to a wetsuit. I usually use body glide but it’s in short supply. Most balms work well but if you are new to triathlon this is probably one of the most important things for your kit bag. https://tidd.ly/3f4NH1H

4. Finis Freestyle Hand Paddle

These are for the simmers looking to work on technique. The paddles highlight issues pretty quickly by kicking your hands all over the place if your stroke or hand placement is off at all. I’m not a huge fan of technique toys but this one gives quick and easy feedback when you’re getting it wrong. https://tidd.ly/3kKIflS

Picture Courtesy of FINIS

5. Stick Roller

I have always preferred these to foam rollers. I like to control the movement and I just find these really easy to take with me on trips. They are really practical and are great for tight muscles. https://tidd.ly/3puYeb4

6. Resistance Bands

These are pretty straightforward but give you a load of options for training without a significant amount of equipment. They are also great for some activation exercises pre race or on the go. A good addition to your everyday kit bag. https://tidd.ly/36G9WqM

7. Running gloves

For some reason when I run in winter I am warm everywhere but my hands. I can be dripping sweat but by fingers are numb. A light and fitted pari of gloves make winter running a lot more enjoyable. https://tidd.ly/3f7afP5

8. Calf guards/Compression socks

These are touted for their recovery benefits. For me I think they work wonders for cutting down on impact around the ankles running. Whenever I have had some time away from running these help prevent soreness and damage quite nicely. They are also great for swelling if you are doing any long haul travel. Great for help with any achilles or ankle issues. https://tidd.ly/3pB0q0S

9. Mesh Baselayer

These are great for cycling in hot weather and cold surprisingly. They do a great job of staying cool but also avoiding chill on descents. I think the trick is they keep you nice and dry so air is able to circulate. A small help but definitely something I have been pleased to add to my kit. https://tidd.ly/2UyMar7

10. Salomon Running Vest

I avoided one of these for a long time thinking they were a little overkill. I was wrong. They are so convenient for a small flask, car keys, phone and lots of other bits. They are very easy to run with and make long runs so much easier to plan with hydration and fuel etc. I also think when you get used to running with one and take it off for a race your breathing feels so strong. A great investment despite seeming like its only for the ultra runners. https://tidd.ly/3qaZfpl

11. Garmin Pro HRM

If you have been reading my articles you know how I feel about heart rate monitors. They are essential for all endurance athletes and fitness enthusiasts in my opinion. This one is great. It is waterproof ANT and Bluetooth compatibility. It works fantastically well and I always have mine with me. https://tidd.ly/3fylEb6

13. Adidas Boston 9 running shoes

I have been a huge fan of the Adidas Boston 8 running shoes for the past year or two. I use them for almost all of my running. The new design is out and so I think this would be a great new shoe to get as a gift. Hint Hint!! https://tidd.ly/3lHgewN

14. Wahoo Element Bolt

This has been my go to bike computer for years. Its simple and discreet and very straightforward. I find mapping is average but fine for me. It’s perfect for racing but if you want something more adventurous riding or exploring the Garmin options may be better. For me this one is perfect. https://tidd.ly/3fb5wMj

Picture courtesy of Wahoo

15. Garmin Forerunner 935

This is currently my watch and it does all I need and more. It is really user friendly and has very simple menus and functions that can be customised. It collects data from 3rd party sensors and the GPS function is fantastic. It is the best activity watch I have ever owned. It’s successor the 945 is now avail but this is still very much in date and very good value at the moment. https://tidd.ly/32WpC8b

16. Giro Aerohead

I have had battles finding a Aero helmet that was comfortable and fast. Helmets are personal but also hard to try before you buy. This Helmet works great for me and it seems to suit most people straight off the bat. It is well designed and a really good all rounder for those looking to find extra speed. https://tidd.ly/3lJN9k2

17. Favero Assioma Duo Power meter

These are a fantastic power meter option. They are rechargeable, light and can be switched between bikes in a matter of minutes. I have had zero issues with these pedals and they always produce consistent readings. I can travel with them very easily and overall have found these the most simple and reliable power meter option I have used. An item that can significantly improve your cycling. https://tidd.ly/35JqPBP

Picture courtesy of Favero

18. Wahoo KICKR Core indoor trainer

This is the Rolls Royce of turbo trainers. It has every function you could ask for and is extremely accurate and reliable. It is solid, durable and will last you many hard seasons training indoors. While there are some other trainer options which will be fantastic options, this is a great gift for anyone serious about their training. https://tidd.ly/2ILITlC

Picture Courtesy of Wahoo

Once again I am an affiliate for wiggle and I will receive a small commission on any qualifying purchases. This will not come at any extra costs to you and it will go towards the costs of maintaining the blog and web functionality. All of the products mentioned are ones I use and have found good enough to be comfortable to recommend.

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